Dean of 8 Winds Academy


Arastofel is a Wizard and the Dean of the 8 Winds Academy. He has served Nekalim for over a hundred years and is said to rival Rezzelia in arcane power, though he is careful to never make such claims as he has no desire to duel with the drow Wizard as rumor has it his predecessor did. Arastofel is fair and orderly and runs his school with strict standards and guidelines.

While the school has a definite elven bias Arastofel has recently instituted a program where students of any race would be allowed probational acceptance as long as they demonstrated exceptional qualifications or brought the school some rare bit of esoteric lore.


Arastofel is very short for an elf, at 5’10 he has a dark complexion and no hair. His eyes are a deep red and some claim they swirl as if on fire. Rumors persist that those standing close to Arastofel feel a strange heat, as though the man were producing a continuous flame, but none understand the phenomena and put it down to his magical powers. It is known that Arastofel is a master in the school of Abjuration magic.


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