Betty Friday

Cleric of Deumus


Betty Friday is the nominal head of the Triumvariate that rules the city beneath the earth. A high cleric of Deumus (Perhaps the highest in Golarion) she bears a strange loyalty for the Infernal Duke of Promises.

Betty Friday is a lich and has been one for almost 40 years. Unlike most liches however Betty had a permanent Gentle Repose placed upon her body to prevent it from rotting away to a desiccated skeletal husk.

Betty Friday is something beyond a normal lich. Whatever Infernal powers run through her body far transcend those of an ordinary cleric and undead.


Betty Friday is a human who became a lich at age 9. She stands 4’5 and weighs a mere 65lbs. She has long black hair which she wears in twin braids on either side of her face and has large green eyes that contrast her pale skin. Because of her permanent Gentle Repose Betty Friday retains a healthy looking human body despite being a lich.

Her early transcendence to undeath arose through her own clerical powers, without help from any source but her own knowledge of divine methods and arcane practices.

Betty is served by her mother, a vampire named Tabitha Friday. Betty’s mother was near 73 when she was turned to a vampire so she is physically weaker than many of the undead bloodsuckers. That does not matter as Tabitha is an incredibly powerful sorceress of the Infernal bloodline, so powerful is her bloodline that she seems more fiend than woman.

Despite the fact that Tabitha seems the more powerful of the two she obeys every command that Betty gives her with fanatical devotion. She dotes upon her daughter, the eternal child, as though there was no more important being in the world. Rumor has it their bond is so strong Betty can see through Tabitha’s eyes.

Betty Friday

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