Bonnie Miracle

High Priestess of Asmodeus


Bonnie Miracle is a Chelaxian Priestess recently sent to oversee the Temple of Asmodeus in Saltwater’s Weep. She has been in place for roughly 15 years and is said to about middle aged. She has strong clerical powers and gives a great deal of support to the Hellknight Order of the Nail which maintains the guards throughout the city.

Bonnie maintains a neutral stance towards the Temple of Pharasma as long as they stay out of local politics and is said to be extremely devout.

Bonnie’s most notable decree since arriving at Saltwater’s Weep was her founding of a branch of Inquisitors to maintain “moral integrity” in the city and discourage the worship of false gods. It is said that Bonnie worried that the city would descend into barbarism without the guiding influence of Asmodeus.


Bonnie Miracle is a beautiful woman with dark green eyes and black hair. She is in her late forties and has a curvaceous figure. Details of her personal life are rare as she keeps hers affairs very private. She stands about 5’8 and wears the dark black and red robes of a true cleric.

Bonnie Miracle

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