Domina Black Blade

High Magister of Saltwater's Weep


Lector Domina Black Blade is High Magister of the city and leader of the city’s chapter of the Order of the Nail. A powerful fighter and Hellknight she has devoted her life to the service of Law and Order. She is said to be a devout worshiper of Asmodeous and that her greatsword was a personal gift from a high ranking official of Hell itself.


Domina Black Blade is a towering elf, she stands 7’6 with black hair and emerald eyes but is rarely seen outside her terrifying black plate mail. She carries an executioner’s greatsword that seems to absorb the light. Little is known about its powers exactly, but the weapon is said to be the bane of angels and the enemies of Asmodeous.

Lector Domina is advised at all times by a figure most believe to be some kind of imp. Iam Grimtongue is a tiny figure who stands a mere 18 inches tall. His crimson scales and bat-like wings lead many to believe he is some kind of fiend. Grimtongue has demonstrated considerable divine might on rare occasion leading many to belief him to be a Priest of some kind. Rumor has it that the High Priestess of Asmodeous regularly consults with him as to which path the Church should take.

Domina Black Blade

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