Julian Shadowhand

Graveknight Magus


Julian was born a Teifling with a gift for magic and a penchant for swordplay. A good student at an arcane academy on the Shadow Plane Julian was a rising star as a Magus before he encountered a sentient weapon with plans of its own. This weapon lead him on various quests for forge a very special suit of plate mail from a rare substance called black mithral. The entire time he worked upon this project he slipped further and further down the path of evil, all the while gaining prestige and power at his academy.

By the time he had forged his armor he was strongly under the influence of dark powers and it was a brief journey to perform the rituals that converted him into a Graveknight. He willingly sacrificed 16 tieflings to dark forces in a great vat of acid before diving into the pit himself, destroying himself and his armor completely…. yet that was not the end of his existence. A few weeks later in that desecrated spot he reformed, an armored figure of undead horror.


Julian Shadowhand

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