Vampire Bard Extraordinare


Lumina was born a dhampir. She lived with the taint of undeath running through her veins for a long time. In that time she became renowned for the silver beauty of her voice. A bard of considerable skill she beguiled and tempted her way into numerous powerful beds, living a life of manipulation and deceit.

Then she ran into a man she never expected to meet. Her vampire father. Amused by both her beauty and her vanity her father drained her dry and turned her into a full vampire. He kept her as a slave for nearly three hundred years, his personal songbird.

Her father was finally killed by a group of Paladins and Lumina escaped, inadvertently set free upon the world by an act of goodness.

40 years ago Lumina met up with Betty Friday and Julian Shadowhand at a school of learning on the Shadow Plane. Traveling with her intrigued them both into the advantages of Undeath.


Lumina has pale silver skin and long silver hair that falls almost to her ankles. She stands a mere 5’3 and is slender with alluring curves. Only her pale red eyes disrupt the ice like perfection of her looks.

Lumina has turned the 5 most powerful drow women in the city into her vampire slaves, but unlike her father she gives them a relative free reign over their actions as long as they follow the edicts of the Triumvariate.


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