Osirion High Priest of Pharasma


Phokep is an old man. It is said he started his life as a grave digger and that Pharasma blessed him with a prophecy. He rose to a notable position within her Church and came to Saltwater’s Weep to become the new High Priest of her cathedral there. Phokep believes in a strong balance between Pharasma the reaper and Pharasma the midwife.

He has established a school of midwifing within the city and has taken over maintaining the city catacombs. He is also known to bear a fierce hatred for the undead, an attitude shared by The Warlord himself. Some claim the Warlord even invited Pharasma’s followers into the city just to have them serve to keep the undead out.


Phokep is 90 years old, though he looks a mere 19 thanks to a recent gift of Sun Orchid Elixer from the Warlord. His skin is a dark caramel in color and his black hair is shaved into a long top knot wrapped in golden cords. His eyes are a dark green and marked with kohl.


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