Archmagus of Saltwater's Weep


Rezzelia is a drow of noble lineage, though why she left her homelands is a mystery. She is a powerful wizard who founded the Black Winds Academy to teach those who desired to learn the arts of magic and sorcery to gain power and prestige. She leaves the day to day running of the Academy to a witch named Naphom but resides in the uppermost tower of the building. Rumor has it that the door to her office is actually a portal to a dimension she carved out of her own arcane power, one which she controls like a goddess, where the sun never shines and all is shadowy and dim.


Rezzelia is 6’2 and sickly in constitution. Her eyes are a luminous red and her hair is white and descends almost to the ground. She is most commonly seen in a robe of swirling prismatic colors that gives the impression of watchful eyes. She always carriers a tall staff of twisted black wood topped by a glowing red crystal. Thought to be the second oldest of the four rumors persist that she is fanatical about keeping her powers at full strength. Unlike the others in the city who hate the undead and will do anything to keep them away it is rumored that Rezzelia has dealings with several powerful sentient undead and some claim she even plans to join their ranks at some future date.


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