St. John Friday

Paladin of Sarenrae


St. John Friday is a fairly well known Paladin of Sarenrae. He has served his time fighting the expansion of the Worldwound and he has battled demons and devils all over Golarion. But now Sir Friday is an old man. He agreed to escort a group of clerics to the south to set up a new Temple of Sarenrae in the wilderness to spread her word to small communities in the area, and in hopes of spreading her influence to the devil-touched city of Saltwater’s Weep.


St. John Friday is 70 years old and while his body has grown weaker in that time his faith and his mind has grown only stronger. St. John stands 5’10 and is still vital despite his age. His gray hair is still thick though cut short to fit under his helmet and his blue eyes remain clear. St. John is always seen encased in his mithral fullplate with matching shield and holy avenger.

St. John Friday

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