Tabitha Friday

Infernal Sorceress


Tabitha Friday is the devoted mother of Betty Friday. A woman who appears to be in her late 30s though she is in fact 73 and a vampire.

Tabitha Friday was a human with a minor gift for sorcery that was reputed to have descended from a Devil that once bred into her family long ago. At some point during her pregnancy with Betty Friday her gift for sorcery increased significantly while simultaneously driving her away from her husband, a Paladin of Sarenrae.

Tabitha fled her husband with her unborn child and took up residence upon the Plane of Shadows, where she lived until several decades ago when she returned to the Prime Material Plane with her daughter and several allies in tow.

The Friday’s and their allies proceeded to descend into the Darkland’s under Saltwater’s Weep and systematically take over a drow city in the name of the Infernal Duke Deumus.


Tabitha is 5’7 with shoulder length black hair and dark green eyes. Her skin is a pale white and she has large batlike wings rising from her shoulders. She is in every moment and in all things ultimately devoted to her undead daughter Betty and her daughter’s goals.

Tabitha Friday

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