The Alchemist


Nekalim is rumored to be over 700 years old. An alchemist of great knowledge and perverse logic he founded the 8 Winds Academy to teach the rogue elves of Saltwater’s Weep the importance of knowledge and it’s arcane applications. Nekalim himself is known as an avid taxidermist and zoologist and has removed himself to an island several miles off the coast of the city. The island is mostly jungle though Nekalim had a substantial Keep built in which to perform his various experiments. Rumor has it that Nekalim has been experimenting with warping animals into more human shapes and giving beasts sentient minds.

Those who have passed close to his island have reported seeing bands of dire apes and their less aggressive ape cousins traveling through the jungle edges in large numbers. Some have even claimed to have seen the Apes using tools and weapons, but this is thought to be an exaggeration or confusion with tails from Sargavia and the Mwangi regions.


Nekalim stands a mere 5’9 and is said to be touchy about his short stature. He is lean to the point of being sickly and has long golden hair and emerald eyes. Some claim a familial resemblance between him and the Warlord but it has never been confirmed.

It is claimed that Nekalim is a deft duelist with rapier and dagger, almost as good as the Warlord himself at two-weapon fighting. It is known that he has a viscous skill at locating weak spots and striking deadly blows. More troubling however are the reports that Nekalim works in conjunction with a strange drow of near equal skill. This drow is said to answer to the name of Yelatz and is said to take cruel delight in using his great speed to cut his enemies to ribbons.

Yelatz is said to stand 6’5 and have sharp teeth and slim claws which he occasionally uses to cut his enemies to pieces.

Nekalim’s lab assistant is said to be a Great Ape he’s trained in the arts of alchemy himself. The large black furred beast is said to small explosive barrels and fight with a huge hooked hammer. The beast is said to answer to the name Uzogo and is commonly found traveling by sea to maintain the affairs at the 8 Winds Academy.

The Alchemist

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