The Warlord

Ruler of Saltwater's Weep


The Warlord is a pirate that assembled an armada which captured the human city of Saltwater some 500 years ago. A Ranger of the open seas and a Horizon Walker the Warlord is a master of many terrains and possesses a frightening knowledge of the oceans and his city. His twin rapiers are said to be as capable of cutting down the spectral as fast as he culls mortals who cross him.

Strangely the Warlord travels with a huge wolf for a pet. Some maintain the beast was a gift from some unknown power, for the beast is twice the size of a normal dire wolf and is said to possess inhuman intelligence.


The Warlord (True name unknown) claims to be descended from the last King of Sildanavost and none know if this is true or not. Some unknown source of great power blocks all attempts to learn about the background of this enigmatic figure. He stands 7’1 with golden hair and emerald eyes that swirl like the ocean. Despite being over 500 years old the Warlord looks to be a young elf and shows no sign of aging.

The Warlord

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