Thomas Nimble

Iron Blade Guildmaster


Thomas Nimble is a city-wide respected business man. He has been one of the most influential non-elven merchants in Saltwater’s Weep for the last 15 years. The Iron Blade Trading House which he runs has several merchant vessels which trade in goods from across the seas and slaves, both local and foreign.

Nimble is a Teifling and is known to be absolutely ruthless in his business practices. It is commonly known that people who openly cross Nimble have a habit of winding up dead or disappeared. It is also rumored that not a crime occurs in Midtown or Rat City without the approval of Thomas Nimble.


Nimble is 6’2 and slim. His skin is chalk white and his hair is inky black. He has cultivated a pointed goatee to compensate for his sharp hairline. His eyes are a dark crimson and he has two small horns which rise from his forehead.

Nimble’s office is the top floor of a tavern called the Iron Stallion, owned by him in its entirety. Nimble is almost always accompanied by a blond haired woman named Utraia who acts as his secretary. Some think their close relationship is of a more personal nature, but none have proven it.

Thomas Nimble

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