The Players House


The adventurers purchased a House at a remarkably good deal in a nicer section of Midtown. The House is located a mere city block away from a tavern, the Prismatic Sail (yup, its a gay bar) and three blocks away from the Black Winds Academy and the Temple of Asmodeus (which sit opposite each other like uneasy friends) It takes 5 minutes to walk a block.

The House is 3 stories tall. The first floor consists of a 15X15 kitchen, a 10X15 study and a 15X30 dining room with a 5X10 coat room. These rooms come off a 5X15 hallway, the Kitchen on the Left, the Coat room, then Study on the Right and the Dining room dominating the back of the house. The dining room has a spiral staircase that goes up 2 stories. The 2nd floor has a 15X15 master bedroom, across the hall is a 10X15 bedroom, a 5X10 linen closet and 2 10X15 bedrooms. The stairwell and extended hallway take up the other 10 feet of width. The 3rd floor is a similar design with a 15X15 Library, a 10X15 bedroom, a 5X10 storage closet and 2 10X15 rooms with no established use. One has mounting for floor to ceiling shelving along 3 of its walls (Once a library)

The kitchen has an iron banded trap door that has a 15’ ladder descending into a 30X30 basement dug into solid rock. The roof has 5’ of solid stone between it and the kitchen floor. The basement is 10’ tall. Thomas Nimble had a full Alchemy Laboratory with a months worth of chemicals and (common) reagents stocked in the basement. There is also a vent connecting the basement stove to the main house’ chimney to provide minor ventilation.

The House has a number of windows, all of which have heavy iron grates built over them in a decorative shutter design. The shutters bolt into the walls with no external lock. (STR DC 35 to break Disable Device 30 to open the deadlocks through the openings)

The House has 1 door fashioned from thick hardwood and banded with iron. The lock came with the house and the party was given the key when the old woman moved out.



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