trunk of holding


This item is 3’ long and 2’ wide and only about 2’ tall, a wooden trunk that looks to be somewhat dried out and banded in rusting iron bands. The trunk has a lock shaped like a pair of interlocked cogs (DC 30 Disable Device)

The trunk weights 180lbs, as though it were filled with rocks, yet when opened it appears empty. The trunk is an interdimensional space capable of containing 4,500 lbs of goods that take up 750 cubic feet. Unlike a bag of holding the trunk is not subject to piercing or slashing damage from the inside.

A DC 35 Spellcraft check would also reveal that the trunk has a second function. If the owner of the trunk turns the key and spins the cogs before opening the trunk (Standard Action) the trunk opens to a ladder leading downward for 100’. At the bottom of the ladder is a 30’ by 30’ cottage with a table, 4 chairs, an iron cook stove (always warm enough to cook a meal) and a bed. The windows of the cottage reveal a blasted wasteland of red sand and cracked black stone with a shadowy sun hanging in the sky. The cottage does have a door but it resists normal efforts to open it.


The party has discovered a trunk of holding but have yet to discover its true value.

trunk of holding

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