Black Winds Academy

Rezzelia founded the Black Winds Academy to teach those who saw magic as a route to power. She also turned it into a cut throat school of arcane might which produces most of the magical defenders of Saltwater’s Weep. The school is known to allow dueling and it is said that manipulation and cheating are considered valid methods of self-advancement.

The school is also strange in that it takes in arcane students of spontaneous casting natures, such as Sorcerers and Summoners, whose power is not based on learning. It teaches them to hone their abilities and use them in a practical manner.

There are continued rumors that once a student has reached a certain level of power they are forced to undergo a test and ritual. The details of the test are unknown but only those who pass it have the right to wear the vaunted Cloak of Black Winds. It is said however, that no student who undergoes the ritual is capable of turning his or her magic upon Rezzelia.

One of the other persistent rumors about the Academy is that Rezzelia’s tower is actually a portal to a dimension that she has created for herself, one in which she rules like a goddess and cannot be challenged.

Black Winds Academy

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