The Citadel

The Warlord’s Citadel is considered to be one of the most secure structures in the city. It also defies logic and belief.

The “tower” is a huge tree that rises almost a thousand feet into the air. The base is almost 500 feet in diameter and gnarled and covered with thick ivy and moss. The branches spread to cast a huge shadow beneath it in which mushroom circles, fern beds and soft meadow flowers grow all year round. A twisted burl big enough for a storm giant to walk into is the only opening on the massive trees, aside from tiny nooks and crannies suitable for small forest life. The burl has a door of wood so old it’s petrified into a gray crystalline form. Set into the front of the door is a huge Green Man face as tall as a normal human. The leaf shrouded face stares out of the door with glowing green eyes and asks all who approach what their business is. If it approves of their response the door swings open and allows entrance. If it doesn’t the wood bucks, twists and the portal seals itself and the applicant is left facing a huge tree with no entrances.

Once inside the door the newcomer finds themselves in a twilight shrouded forest in the fullness of spring. The sun seems just about to set into a mellow night with a few twinkling stars available to view but enough light to see clearly by. The trees in the forest are all ancient examples of evergreens and hardwoods and the ground is a soft carpet of grass, moss, leaves and needles. Birds and other animals move freely about the area, living normal lives. A path, large enough for a trio to walk side by side winds through the growth. It leads to a huge meadow in which a wooden throne sits surrounded by benches and softly glowing orbs of light that float in the air. To the side is a huge banquet table that seems to groan beneath the weight of fresh, hot food and cooled drinks of all sorts. Often the Warlord’s companion, a wolf of gigantic proportions prowls the meadow, sniffing the guests with obvious intelligence.

If the Warlord grants access to other areas the new paths open and close for the guests, leading to tree houses, hot springs, waterfalls or private areas to eat and drink as well as vast caverns stacked with armor, weapons or treasure. It’s clear though, wherever they walk, that something is aware of them and the forest’s demeanor begins to warp and change when people stray from the paths, growing darker, less friendly. The animals seen are more often predatory, or vastly more dangerous.

The Citadel

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