The Reflection Parks

Being an Elf and desiring to recapture some of the glory of the Elven city that once sat upon the peninsula the Warlord demanded that each area of the city have parks that brought some hints of nature into the city.

Rat City, being almost submerged has several parks containing reflecting pools and decorative fountains. The pools contain water flowers and huge fish who swim placidly. Clever pipes channel the force of the rising tide into artesian wells that send the water rising high into fountains and artificial waterfalls. The Reflection Park has the feel of walking through a particularly placid highland spring area with trickling waterfalls, faint sprays of mist and marble pools of deep flowers and swirling fish. The park is maintained on penalty of death and several statues are enchanted to come to life and brutally kill any who defile the park. This includes something as simple as scratching a word into the marble or littering into the pools. As a result the Park is a gleaming beacon of cleanliness and purity in the middle of a fetid mire of decay and poverty.

Midtown’s Reflection Park is based on wide grasslands with areas of rugged boulders and huge shade bearing trees. The park is a wonderful place to take relaxing walks and picnics with beaten trails to travel on. The Warlord also had several types of grazing animals imported and bespelled to stay within the perimeter of the park. The Park’s low outside wall is dotted with bronze falcons and lions and rumor has it that they come to life as huge dire beasts if a person harms the park. The moderately well off of the city often enjoy taking walks, rides and picnics in the park and the ever watchful guardians make it a neutral place for people to meet without fear of treachery.

The Upper City’s enclosed Reflection Park is the most amazing of all in many ways. The Park is enclosed in a 20’ high wall of thick, twisted brambles and hardwood. The plants twist and turn in a series of magical runes and glyphs that ward and guard the park from harm. Inside the park itself a huge towering trees, easily reaching 100’ in height, some much higher. These towering softwood and hardwood giants cast a perpetual twilight over the ground where meandering paths of berry bushes, flowers and mushrooms grow in small clearings. The beasts in the park are allowed to roam freely and a massive enchantment laid over the area keeps them from harming those of Elven descent. It is said that packs of dire wolves roam the forests as calmly as deer. The park is easily a mile in diameter and it’s said the Warlord often walks it’s paths to think and relax. Rumor has it the park’s guardian is a huge dragon.

The Reflection Parks

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