Saltwater’s Weep is a city that has been ruled by four powerful elves for the last 500 years. While they rule the city through the Order of the Nail and keep a lawful eye upon the land, the people are inherently motivated by self-serving desires. Worship of Asmodeous has grown strong since The Warlord wiped out all of the cities religious figures in a great purge 100 years ago. None today know why the powerful ex-Pirate felt compelled to kill every religious figure in the city, including the most devout worshipers. Now Asmodeous and Pharasme have found fertile ground for their followers in the orderly city.

In the water soaked lower district known affectionately as Rat City the worship of Rovagug is whispered to take place among the arena’s gladiators and various psychotic elements.

Saltwater’s Weep is an elven dominated city. The tall figures rule from an enclosed portion of the city known creatively as Uptown. Their they live in peace and relative wealth. Yet these are not common elves. The Warlord has created a haven for elves who have been exiled from their homelands, or grew up amongst humans and other races. While elven by blood these people are a mixture of various cultures.

Saltwater's Weep

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