Saltwater's Weep


So far the adventurers of Saltwater’s Weep have had the unenviable position of being under the thumb of the teifling Thomas Nimble, leader of the Iron Blade Guild. Tom has been using them to hunt down his opposition and root out secrets for himself.

The group managed to infiltrate and then assassinate most of the Night Queen’s servants, though they accidently encountered her and were forced to retreat from her magical prowess.

They murdered the family of one of their own when he died. Unknown to most of them Nimble sent them to assassinate an elven family, the family of their own deceased wizard. Nimble did this to ensure that his family would not be seeking vengeance.

After a public brawl with the Red Sun Slavers the party gained minor notoriety and was wanted for questioning by the guards of Midtown. When the guards approached them to take them in the party responded with violence and sarcasm, wiping out two entire patrols of the cities uniformed guard. Nimble stepped in to protect his investment and had the entire party put into hiding. Since then the party has purchased a house to use as a base of operations.



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