Historical Locations & Groups

Like many great cities Saltwater’s Weep contains a number of places that are known to those outside the walls, and some known only to the locals. Places where people come to trade, talk about or merely look upon.

Burned Beggar Square
The Rainbow Causeway
The Reflection Parks

Some of the local Taverns & Brothels have received a certain degree of notoriety. In Midtown you’ll find:
Iron Stallion
Rusted Anchor
Sea Foam

While those with less money or great courage could find drinks at several Rat City establishments:
The Hilt
The Crooked Javelin
The Night Talon
The Cuts
The Gutter

If you can manage a trip into Uptown then you’d be able to visit some of their incredible establishments:
The Crystal Aspen
Denalias House of Perpetual Bliss
The Midsummer’s Dream

Historical Locations & Groups

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