Sea Foam

The Sea Foam is the most prestigious Courtesan house in Midtown, it’s talents are so renowned that elves even come from Uptown to visit them.

The Sea Form is a three story building made up of pale wood and marble siding. The roof is composed of a pale green stone shingles to contrast it’s light blue siding. Inside the building is a large eating area decorated with white aspen furniture and a teal paint. The moldings are carved coral inset with bright pearls and gemstone chips to make it glitter and shine. Pale green silks hang from the ceiling and give the faint impression of seaweed. Small enchanted fish statues swim through the air to help with the illusion.

The serving girls are all exquisitely beautiful and wear nothing but softly rapped near translucent green silk cut to resemble seaweed. The girls are very friendly and will curl into customers laps, help them eat and make intelligent conversation. They won’t however, allow carnal contact until the customer signs the ledger book and pays the fee, which is several gold per hour. The ledger is chain to the wrist of a beautiful silver statue carved to resemble and incredibly well curved and enchanting woman. She holds the book in the crook of her elbow and her other hand is open for coins to be placed on her palm. Customers see the coins vanish before their eyes. Rumor has it that the statue will come to life to defend the girls and to kill anyone who attempts to take advantage of them without paying the fee.

The Mistress of the Sea Foam is a woman of unearthly beauty. Known as the Seaman’s Daughter rumor has it she’s the daughter of a sea nymph and a sailor. Her hair descends to just above the floor and shimmers a deep red. Her curves are lush and her skin is a pearly white. Her eyes are huge and seem to shift from a deep blue to a dark green, usually settling upon a light sea green color. It’s well known that the Daughter is a sorceress and often casts illusions and spells to entertain the customers. It’s said that time with her costs hundreds of gold per hour.

The upper floors are made up of elegant bedrooms, bathing chambers and other, odder, rooms.

Sea Foam

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