The Cuts

The Cuts is a crude clinic and alchemy shop in Rat City. It’s a 2 story building and by mutual agreement considered neutral ground by the various groups in Rat City. The healers and alchemists are not highly skilled, nor particularly thorough, but for the poverty and crime stricken people of Rat City, they’re much better than dying on the streets.

The plaque marking the building as one owned by the Iron Blade Trading Company may also have something to do with people’s hesitancy to damage it or it’s employees.

The building is run by an old man named Stitches. An alchemist and healer he mixes potions, performs surgery and occasionally performs unsavory experiments to gain greater knowledge of sentient anatomy.

His two fellow healers are a half blind Gnome Adept named Tolacatorianistabalishamalasticinizocul or Tola for short and a Halfling Expert named Blossom Aspentoes. Between the three of them they can usually manage to heal the kind of wounds that the poor of Rat City survive long enough to reach them.

The Cuts

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