The Night Talon

The Night Talon is one of those taverns you don’t go too unless you have a solid reason. It is well known that some of the worst killers, thieves and cutthroats regularly visit the Talon for drinks, food and business.

The bar itself is a strange room filled with alcoves and carved screens that make it hard to observe what’s going on in other tables. The second floor is filled with rooms held for the regular guest to conduct business and enjoy other perks.

The barkeep is a quiet spoken elf with black hair and pale blue eyes. His cheek is branded with the Elven mark for thief and one of his pointed ears was notched at some point. The tavern maids might once have been pretty, but now they have the scarred wary look of alley cats. Several are more than willing to roll into bed for a few coins, but a few of them would likely carve the man and take his money for it as well.

The tavern itself has cheap ale but, surprisingly, the wine is very good, leaning heavily to Elven blends. The food is also decent, though very plain. The kitchen is staffed by a small family of halflings that live in a small house behind the tavern. These halflings also grow a small herb garden of very expensive pipeweeds that they sell for a steep price. The garden is guarded by four very large dogs trained for war.

The Night Talon

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