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Saltwater’s Weep is a city with a long and destructive history.

20,000 years ago the city of Sildanavanost was considered a gem of the waterways. The elven city was ruled by a King and Queen and considered a boon of civilization. This ended when the city was destroyed by waves and floods and the entire land was cast into chaos and darkness. The survivors scattered and went into hiding, many fleeing to a safe land in another plane, only to have their descendants return some 1,000 years ago.

During that time humans found the ruins of the elven city and began to build their own city to take advantage of the high cliffs and natural harbor. The named their city Saltwater and set about trading upon the open sea. The cities high walls and cliff side location made it a difficult place to storm and so it remained mostly independent of the struggles of greater nations. Its neutrality in matters of trade and relative isolation in its southern placement made it a handy place for merchants to stop and meet for longer journeys both north and south. The only real troubles the city faced was a continued flooding in its lowest portion, a sinking of one segment of the city that flooded at high tide. This area, known as Rat City was largely abandoned by everyone who could afford it and has become a haven for smugglers, criminals and a number of rarer races who wish to take advantage of the high trade the city offers. These forces grew strong enough to patrol their own streets and erect a Gladiator Arena for the amusement of the less savory. The city officials left it alone in part out of helplessness and in part because the arena drew more tourists and money to the city.

Roughly 500 years ago a Pirate who went by the name Warlord managed to breach the city’s main harbor chains and bring a fleet of ships to the docks. Comprised of elves and half-elves and numerous mercenaries the Warlord quickly over-ran the cities defenses and claimed it for his own. He claimed to be descended from the last Kings of Sildanavost and that the city was his by right. His three powerful companions each claimed a high rank within the new city’s infrastructure and soon the city became a home for every elf who felt that their people’s moral codes were outdated. The Warlord allowed his military advisory Domina Black Blade to open a chapter of the Hellknight’s Order of the Nail in the city to see to keeping it running smoothly. Domina herself was quickly advanced to Lector and has maintained an iron fisted rule on the city’s internal dealings. The Alchemist Nekalim founded the 8 Winds Academy an almost exclusively elven school of higher learning. While he himself does not cast the greater spells his knowledge is vast and many came to learn from him. His rival, the Wizardess Rezzelia, a drow noble of immense power, founded a rival school called the Black Winds Academy, which focused more on the pursuit of arcane power and prestige than the pursuit of knowledge.

About 100 years ago The Warlord purged the city of all its religious groups, priests and most devout followers. Killing hundreds over the course of a single night. No explanation was given and the city was stunned and terrified. Within a decade Lector Black Blade had established a Church of Asmodeous as the new dominant faith of the city and in another ten years the followers of Pharasme had managed to establish their own Church. Both Churches are somewhat cautious in their dealings in the city however, for neither know what caused the original purge and both have no desire to see it happen to them. They maintain position as the dominant religions in Midtown.

The Warlord and his three allies have been ruling the city, now most commonly referred to as Saltwater’s Weep or the City of Ocean’s Tears, for over 500 years. None of them have shown any sign of aging and it is rumored that the potions of Nekalim and the magics of Rezzelia will keep them young and powerful forever.

While the city has fortified its walls and cliffs to improve its defensive might the Warlord has maintained the city’s neutrality. Declaring it a free port of trade to any and all who come the city is a haven for smugglers and pirates. It is also a common stopping ground for slavers of all sorts. Slavery is not only legal in the city, it is a large income source for the Warlord himself. The only law is that none of pure elven descent may be a slave within the city walls. Though the slave ships are not inspected to enforce this decree.

The Elves have a highly restricted area of the city contained within a second set of wall. This area known as Uptown is home to the Elves who tend to dominate the city and it’s trading companies. These elves are much like Absentee-Nobles. They own the companies in Midtown in name and collect a portion of the wealth, but many of them leave the work in the hands of the people of Midtown. The city has a number of tourist attractions that many people travel to see.

Organizations commonly known or rumored to exist within Saltwater’s Weep.

8 Winds Academy
Black Winds Academy
Church of Asmodeous
Church of Pharasme
Iron Blade Guild
Brotherhood in Motley

Locations Near Saltwater’s Weep:
Kantol Archipelago
Temple of Sarenrae

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